About us

Our natural therapies have helped a broad range of clients achieve their dream to conceive, including those who; have just started trying, would like to understand more about their cycle/ovulation/fertile window, need stress relief, have a condition that reduces their ability to conceive, have a history of miscarriage, are receiving medical assistance (clomid, IUI, IVF, ICSI).

We have personal experience with IUI and IVF procedures allowing us to gain thorough insight and understanding of the complex process, and the emotional rollercoaster that goes along with it. These unique perspectives allow us to provide a balanced approach to treatment for both men and women.

We can help you experience a happy, healthy pregnancy, by reducing the risk of miscarriage to help you carry a baby to term.  Treating uncomfortable symptoms of pregnancy ensures you can enjoy the changes occurring to your body and appreciate every stage of your baby’s development.

Acupuncture birth preparation treatments have shown to reduce labour times and the need for medical intervention, to help you have the best natural experience possible. We can assist with foetus malposition to turn your baby in readiness for labour. You can also learn simple acupressure techniques for labour that can be utilised by birthing partners to encourage contractions and relieve pain. Acupuncture can also help with natural labour induction, once you have gone past your due date.

Post-natal acupuncture treatments can assist with your transition to motherhood including milk let down, mastitis, fatigue, alleviating night sweats and anxiety.

While fertility and pregnancy is our specialty, more general health conditions are also treated in the clinic that include muscular skeletal injury, back/shoulder/neck pain, sinus, hayfever, headaches/migraines, menopause, stress and anxiety. Other techniques used in treatments where appropriate include massage, cupping and moxibustion.

You can claim with all health funds automatically via HICAPS (except HCF).