Labour Induction

Acupuncture for Labour Induction

It is well known that medically induced labour can lead to certain complications and risks during childbirth including further medical intervention or emergency C-section delivery. Acupuncture can assist couples that wish to have a natural birth and avoid a medical induction.

If you’re a few days past your due date, do not panic. Fertile Concepts can provide natural solutions to ensure the safe delivery of your child. We specialise in acupuncture for labour induction, following a holistic approach to help expectant mothers experience natural childbirth.

Preparation for Your Delivery and Labour

We will help you prepare for delivery and labour through weekly acupuncture treatment during the last four weeks of your pregnancy. Acupuncture helps relax the muscles, tendons, and ligaments for birth. This also relieves stress and anxiety that expectant mothers often feel when they are nearing their due date.

Pre-labour acupuncture also reduces the need for medical intervention during labour, minimising the complications during natural birth. The treatment also helps soften the cervix for dilation, while increasing blood flow to the womb.

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We take great care of your wellbeing and ensure you experience a happy and healthy pregnancy. For more information about acupuncture for labour induction, contact Fertile Concepts. We will be more than glad to discuss the treatment and recommend the appropriate options for your case.