Acupuncture for IVF

Improve the success of live birth and ensure optimal pregnancy health with acupuncture for IVF. Fertile Concepts offers this natural approach to help reduce pregnancy risks and the chances of miscarriage, providing the best possible results for expectant couples. Whether you’re planning to undergo IVF or simply exploring the available options for a safe and health pregnancy, Fertile Concepts will guide you every step of the way.
The Benefits of Acupuncture on Fertility

As part of our specialisation, Fertile Concepts has conducted studies and research with some of the most established experts in the field of OB-GYN. We’ve found many studies demonstrating the effects of acupuncture on improving pre- and post-IVF. These include:

  • Regulating hormones and ensuring egg/sperm is in good condition prior to fertilisation
  • Increasing blood flow and hormone production to the uterus for enhanced embryo implantation
  • Reducing stress that interferes with ovulation/sperm quality
  • Improving libido
  • Increasing sperm count
  • Relieving unnatural symptoms that might lead to pregnancy complications

Tailored Treatments for Your Needs

Fertile Concepts tailors each acupuncture treatment to suit your case. We provide support throughout your pregnancy and help you prepare for birth. We also monitor your progress following the acupuncture treatment and make sure that you and your child remain in optimal health.

Contact us for more information about acupuncture for IVF. We will be more than glad to discuss the treatment and recommend the best option for your specific situation.