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Acupuncture improves endometrial lining & pregnancy rates

Did you know acupuncture could improve endometrial lining and embryo implantation? In this recent study (2019) acupuncture increased pregnancy rates by 13% and the effect of estrogen therapy on endometrial lining. The endometrium was thicker after acupuncture and it  improved the type of linings to those associated with good receptivity and higher implantation rates (tri-layer, type A). Acupuncture increased blood flow to the uterus by reducing resistance in the uterine arteries.

Acupuncture improves endometrial thickness & pregnancy rates


Acupuncture has positive effect in antenatal depression

Last year 300 Australian pregnant women were asked about acupuncture as a treatment for antenatal depression. 68% had already been using acupuncture & of them, a further 68% were using it specifically for pregnancy related symptoms. Overall 84% had a positive experience & were open to its possible inclusion in conventional care as a non-pharmaceutical alternative. Maternal depression & anxiety during pregnancy can affect the unborn child & has been associated with increased rates of obstetric complications, congenital malformations & possibly low birth weight. As well as the physical implications in utero, it may impact later cognitive, behavioral & physical development, as well as the child’s response to stress.

Acupuncture for antenatal depression

Acupuncture during IVF increases rates of implantation, pregnancies & births

A 2018 systematic review of good quality research (24 RCTs) further supports the evidence showing acupuncture to be beneficial during IVF. Out of 5,807 patients, statistically significant improvements were seen in rates of embryo implantation, clinical pregnancies and live births, when compared with routine IVF care. Positive trends in these outcomes were also seen when acupuncture was given during the stimulation phase of an IVF cycle (FSH injections) and around egg retrieval, indicating its cumulative effect and dose dependent response.

2018 Review of Acupuncture & IVF



Acupuncture, moxa & herbs improve HRT in Premature Ovarian Failure

Together acupuncture, moxa & herbs improved the overall effectiveness of HRT for premature ovarian failure, by almost 20%. A 50% reduction in menopause symptoms, enhanced benefits to hormone levels (FSH, LH, E2), significant (more than 3x) thickening of endometrial lining and restoration of menstruation, were improved outcomes seen in a 2018 study out of the Shanghai Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion.

Acupuncture, moxa & herbs for premature ovarian failure

Acupuncture reduces rates of medical labour induction

When pregnant, acupuncture after the due date can reduce your need for medical induction by almost 50%. A study from June 2018 followed 375 women who were overdue to give birth. Rates of medical induction were almost half for women who had acupuncture (20%) with lower rates of oxytocin infusion, compared to those who received routine care (38%). The acupuncture group had higher rates of spontaneous delivery (75% vs 53%) and delivered earlier than the control group.

Image result for pregnancy acupunctureAcupuncture in Postdate Pregnancy Management


Acupuncture & cupping for pregnancy lumbopelvic pain

A new observational study from New Zealand reports acupuncture & cupping provide clinically significant improvements in 89% of pregnancy related lumbopelvic pain (lower torso, lower back and pelvic girdle). Acupuncture & cupping are an effective alternative to commonly prescription drugs and over-the-counter analgesics that are not recommended during pregnancy.

Acupuncture & cupping for pregnancy lumbopelvic pain


Safe to consume 12 eggs per week

Increasing protein in the diet is commonly recommended to improve fertility. We now know it’s safe to eat up to 12 eggs per week without any negative impacts on cardiovascular health, even for those with pre-diabetes & Type 2 diabetes! A recent study (2018) tracked 128 participants over a year on a high (12/week) or low (<2/week) egg diet & found no significant changes to cholesterol, blood sugar or blood pressure. Start scrambling!

12 eggs/week ok for health

eggs chicken

Maternal diet may reduce childhood eczema and food allergy

A recent (2018) systematic review concludes that diet during pregnancy & lactation impacts the baby’s developing immune system and may reduce the risk of allergy & autoimmune disease. Probiotic supplementation was likely to reduce childhood eczema and fish oil may lower egg allergy. A strong statistical correlation with positive benefit was seen in a number of cases but most importantly, there were no reported negative effects from taking these supplements during pregnancy.

Maternal diet may reduce baby’s risk to eczema and egg allergy

 Preg fish